Choosing The Right Basin for your Bathroom

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Choosing The Right Basin For Your Bathroom - Part One : Above Counter Basins

Basins come in all different shapes, sizes, colours and applications which make them one of the most exciting pieces in the bathroom. Your choice of basin is extremely important because it will effect the appearance, function and overall feel of your bathroom.

In this multi-part guide we’ll take an in-depth look at each basin type (by installation) and decode the what, why and how of choosing your perfect bathroom basin.


Above counter basins are also commonly referred to as bench mount, vessel, top mount, statement, counter top and vanity basins.

They are characterised by the majority of the basin sitting in full view on top of a bench, vanity or shelf.

These decorative objects are the focal point of your bathroom and will the set the style and tone for the rest of the room.

Counter Top Basin Example 1


With the body of the basin on full display you can show off its beautiful design characteristics, colour and profile. They’re a great way to make a statement!

Here’s an example of our Soul 4 Bench in Matte Black (View our basin here):

Counter Top Basin Example 2

Because of the wide range of shapes available you can use this type of basin in the majority of bathroom types, provided you have sufficient space.

Smaller ornate pieces make amazing additions to a powder room or guest bathroom.

Counter Top Basin Example 3

Larger more generous bowls are ideal for main bathrooms and look particularly stunning when placed side by side:

Counter Top Basin Example 4

Why Not?

Unlike Undermounts which allow you to easy wipe down your bench top directly into the basin, bench mounted basins will have a join where the basin meets the bench top that will act as a dust/grime trap.

While there are some truly tiny counter top basins available on the market, you still need sufficient bench space to adequately mount the basin. In some small powder room situations it makes more sense to use a semi-recessed (Check out our range here) or small wall mounted basin, like our Bambino (See Here)


Installation is typically very simple, only requiring a small cut-out for a waste in the bench top with the basin secured in place by silicon and the plug and waste.

Unless your basin has a ground edge (A basin that is not Glazed at the rear), you should leave at least 50mm between the rear of the basin and your wall for ease of cleaning. See below:

Above Counter Basin Position Example

Also be sure to consider the placement of your Tap ware in relation to your basin. Ideally the stream of water from your tap should be positioned to hit the basin waste or just behind it (our Pop series has adjustable aerators which makes this process a breeze - You can view our range here ).

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If you have questions or need help choosing your dream basin get in touch!

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